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BSC Photo Galleries

Above: 2002 Panorama, 2003 Sign, 2003 Aerial shot, 2005 Hooping


  • Click here for BSC 2003 gallery of photos.
  • Here are a few pics of other Airstreams at Burning Man in 2002 .


  • Click here for BSC 2003 gallery of photos.
  • Click here for another BSC 2003 gallery of photos - vertical.


  • Click here for BSC 2004 gallery of photos.
  • Click here for another BSC 2004 gallery of photos - vertical.


  • Click here for BSC 2005 gallery of photos.



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Other Web Sites with Photo Galleries

Here are some web sites that contain photo galleries and other informtion relation to Burning man. There are some REAL gems:


  • A very cool Burning Man story.


  • Lenny Jones - Wow, holly shit, not only is this super cool, but extra points for naming the projects and crediting the artists.
  • Scott London - Some of the best photography I've seen. The saturation and ambience are too good for words.
  • Blind Glass - Again the quality and perspective are ultra.
  • Gabe Kirchheimer - He first shot images at Burning Man in 1998, and for Rolling Stone in 2000.
  • Rick Egan - A professional journalist now in Iraq has been shooting the event since 2000. See just a few of his images for 2005.
  • Pixie - I'm not really familiar with this photographer (Pixie), but in order to get these excellent images I think she must have been taking photographs morning, noon and night and been everywhere all the time.
  • Splat (Dave Le) photos - Best from several years.
  • Burning Man was Space Imaging's 'Image of the Week' earlier this month. You can zoom in and poke around town with the "explore this image" link.
  • Patrick - He adores the people of Burning Man.

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BM 2005 Video's:

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