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We want to extend a hearty Burnstream-style welcome to the newcomers and old timers alike, long as you like Airstreams and we have availability, you are welcome to camp with us.


In terms of the way we structure things, we are fairly ad hoc. The planning happens here on this list and we welcome your participation. There is no group kitchen, but we usually have a camp potluck dinner and "welcome home" party on Wednesday or Thursday evening. Sometimes we throw a camp breakfast in there, too. Currently, we are planning our camp activities so jump in and volunteer.

Camp Services

Here are a few services that are usually available to Burnstreamers in camp:

  • Aluminum Recycling - We are planning on several aluminum recycling stations throughout BSC. One will be at Dan & Kelly's trailer. Please be sure to crush your cans before dropping them off. We will have a can crusher there or you can vent your frustrations and/or have fun by crushing them in creative ways. All donations will go to Recycle Camp that then gives the proceeds to the Gerlach school.
  • Sanitation Service - we will have the Sanitation Service (honey pot truck) come and empty our gray and black water tanks on Thursday before it gets too crowded and the prices start rising. If you want on the list let me know and we will give the drivers notification of how many "dumps" there will be. You are in charge of handling this process for your trailer and need to be present. The price is usually $55+ but it's up to you to know what you are paying for and what services you are getting. If you're on the list and you're in camp when they arrive then we'll have them go trailer to trailer and do their thing. If you're not on the list or in camp when this happens then you're in deep dudu and on your own.
    *A note to the wise in using this service - when the sanitation guys are at your RV - be there to supervise, it reduces losses and damage. One year they walked off with our black water hose and we never did get it back!
    **Also, another suggestion. One year we consolidated gray water from various camps and evap ponds into one tank to be pumped. It's a good use of resources and helps resolve gray water issues and clean up.

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Camp Events

Click here for our Calendar of "What's Happening" to see when things are scheduled. The dates and times will also be announced on our event board and we'll submit announcements to the Burning Man Calendar of Events. When in BRC we run on "Playa Time" so things are very impromptu and are subject to change without notice.

  • Games - Daily croquet games are played on a course inside our theme camp of trailers. The games play from trailer to trailer with many "interesting" obstacles and challenges. We also play bocce ball, darts, horseshoes, twister and whatever else is inspired. If you have a set of any of these games or something different - bring it!
  • Rituals - Every evening, one half hour after sunset, Burnstreamers gather for our "Sign Lighting Ceremony" and ritualistic chants - "BURN! STREAM! COURT! YEAH!" as our neon sign is illuminated in solidarity.  This event is marked by performance art and talent shows of various styles including: strip shows, singing, instrumentals, poetry, plays and whatever people are willing to share.  We have discovered that many of our BRC neighbors also like to sing/yell our chant as we often hear it as they walk by our entrance, especially at night!
  • Impromptu - We will be having other impromptu activities such as drumming circles and photo shoots. The dates and times of all of our events will be announced on our "What's Happening" board and we’ll submit announcements to the Burning Man Calendar of Events.

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Volunteer Activities

Below is a list of activities that we currently have in camp and those folks who have volunteered to coordinate those activities. Please feel free to contact Kelly with your offer of volunteer help.




Potluck Organization

Carmella and Gange

Camp Mailbox


Sign & Bulletin Board

Monte & Kelly
Moop Patrol Everyone
Aluminum Recycling Everyone
Perimeter Control Everyone
Yard Games Everyone

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Emergency & First Aid Information

Burnstreamers, Monte has put together an Emergency and First Aid Plan (.pdf file, you'll need Acrobat Reader) for our camp. Please familiarize yourself with it before coming to the playa. If you have special needs or concerns please advise Anne when you arrive in BSC so that we can be aware of the circumstances. Thanks.


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