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BSC is NOT taking reservations for 2008.

Dear Past, Present and Future Burnstreamers,

The past several years of Burnstream Court have been an interesting experiment in nearly unchecked growth in our relatively ad hoc organization and community. In many respects, it has been an amazing success. From four silver twinkies camping together in 2002, last year we parked almost forty! During this time, we managed to display our Airstreams in some impressive formations, and presented some unique activities and attractive camp entrances to the citizens of Black Rock City. In that sense, it has been a wonderful and positive experience for all of us, and I think we all should be proud.

This past year, however, while things may have seemed to proceed smoothly on the surface, in fact the Burnstream Elders experienced quite a bit of stress managing our burgeoning size, encouraging participation from Burnstreamers, and negotiating our theme camp status and placement with the Burning Man organization. After six consecutive years of increasing amounts of these complications and workloads, many of us have reached the point of burnout, and feel we need to take a year off to recover and regroup a bit.

And so it is with a heavy heart that we must announce that for 2008, Burnstream Court will celebrate the American Dream in part by going home, returning to its roots as a small gathering of friends, unregistered and unmapped. Our intent is to spend a year on the playa less concerned with the details of our own camp, so that we have more time both to get out and experience and participate in the rest of Black Rock City, and to reflect a bit on our future direction and refocus our efforts for 2009.

As a result, camping with Burnstream Court will be limited to the Burnstream Elders and a few of our friends, however, we welcome and encourage other Burnstreamers and Airstream enthusiasts to seek us out and camp on their own nearby. We will be claiming a site in open camping territory as near as possible to a location that will be announced here. We'd love to see you in the neighborhood on the Airstream side of town!

And have no fear! This is NOT the end of Burnstream Court. We have every intention of regrouping and coming back as a badass theme camp for 2009. In the meantime, the Burnstream email list will remain active as a nexus for communication among Burning Airstreamers. We hope you will continue to use it as such.

Thank you all for your interest and enthusiasm. We apologize if we have dissappointed anyone's hopes for 2008, but we hope you all can understand our need for some rest, recuperation, and revitalization.

See you on the playa!


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