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Welcome to Burnstream Court

Burnstream Court is your quintessential "trailer park" in the burbs with an Airstream trailer park philosophy/theme. We have daily yard games including croquet, demonstrations on polishing, an annual open house and many other activities. We've been coming to Burning Man as a theme camp for five years to spread the vision and lifestyle of Silver. We're all about Airstreams of all vintages from the 1940's to the present. Burnstreamers travel from all over the US including: TX, CA, OR, WI, IL, CO, NH, etc to hook up at Burning Man. We aspire to recreate the great caravan experiences of Wally Byam from the by gone eras of the1950's and 1960's to such far away lands as Africa, Asia, India and so on. Our destinations may not be that far away but our locale is "Far Out" on the Black Rock Desert. We create the ultimate trailer park in the desert , so if you have an Airstream or something oblong and silver, join us in the suburbs of Black Rock City at Burnstream Court.

We're not taking reservations for 2008, for more information please read this.


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