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Top: James and I explore the playa together, bumping into Chris and April on the Zebracorn along the way. We made an obligatory stop at the Eggchair. And I got a shot of my favorite hippymobile, the Magic Bus, which consists of the tops of two VW camper vans welded to the top of a school bus.

Middle: On our way West a few days before, a truck had passed us with some large curved structural steel pieces loaded on it. When I saw the Temple of Gravity, I knew where that truck had been headed. Next is an example of a great art piece that fits into a small box. Click the large version of the image again for a surprise. Another favorite this year was the chandelier that fell from the sky. Next, James and I encountered the poetry juke box guy, who wouldn't let you take his picture unless you let him recite a poem to you. And I didn't capture these winged riders quite the way James did, but it isn't a terrible shot.

Bottom: This year's temple was called the Temple of Honor. It was made of a different material that appeared to be cardboard tubes covered in printed paper (no more dinosaur parts). And this year's Man was built on a pyramid accessible to all. Around the base were alcoves where people took shifts being icons. Some were quite interesting, some were quite lovely.

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