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Top: From Monday's beautiful sunset on, I headed out at night to explore. Above, Phil and I check out what became my favorite theme camp, Bollywood! Later in the week several of us attended the Whistleworks burn, performed by the Burning Chicagoans (and quite a few Chicagoans were in attendance, too). The barrel in the trailer had water in it, and at the end of each of the pipes above it was a ceramic whistle. After a while in the fire, the water boiled, making steam which blew the whistles in an almost ghostly, soft, multi-toned wail. It was one of the more profound moments of the week, for me.

Bottom: I rode out with Chris on the zebracorn several times. What's a zebracorn? It's a motorized zebra cart with a propane burner for a horn, that makes a handy cigarette lighter. James and Ingrid (who flew and drove in to camp with us later in the week) and I headed out together many a time, too. We were happy to see a giant flame thrower, something that was missing last year. This one was built into a large sculpture of a hand. And last, I managed to get a picture of me with the only other guy on the playa that was wearing neon.

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