Ray's Guide to Chicago Area Burlesque
Show dates and reviews from the burlesque scene in Chicago.

Dante's Voodoo Cabaret

REVIEWED 5/21/04: Last night's event was not primarily burlesque show, strictly speaking. Dante Ingram, a local burlesque performer who has appeared in Chicago Burlesque and Flirt, is also a singer. Tonight, her band, Dante's Voodoo Cabaret, played, and Cherish, Burlesque Goddess, did a couple of peeling numbers between sets. The event took place at Morseland, a fun restaurant/club in Rogers Park that recently reopened under new management, to a crowd of hipsters and locals that seemed to also appreciate the techno with soul that the DJ played between sets.

Dante fronts a three piece band that consists of electric guitar/sax, acoustic bass, and drums. It's difficult to pin down the genre of music that they play, but it's something like a mix of rock, country, and cabaret. Among the artists they covered were Nick Cave, Elvis Costello, and Loretta Lynn, in addition to their original compositions, which tend to be on the introspective or darker side. I can only describe Dante as a sultry chanteuse/rocker with slightly European sensibilities, and the band definitely has their act together. I wasn't able to stay for the entire show, but the set and a half that I saw were swingin'.

Cherish peeled from mermaid and witch costumes, respectively. She was clearly having fun with it, and she was a pleasure to watch. I look forward to seeing more of her in other shows later this year.

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