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The Drive

On Saturday, August 24, Mike and I packed up Betty and hitched her to Bam Bam. After a lot of last minute tinkering with the hitch wiring and a frantic stop at Radio Shack, we departed on our three day journey West.

I-88 and I-80 bore us past corn and wheat in Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska, and through mountain and desert in Colorado, Utah, and into Nevada. The days were long, and...expensive. Bam Bam got 8 miles per gallon towing Betty (ouch!). To help cut the expense, we spent nights in the parking lots of a national chain of discount stores whose labor and purchasing practices I don't agree with, but is friendly to RVers. It never really gets dark or quiet in store parking lots, so the first night we ended up buying and installing opaque blinds. 24 hour superstores are handy places to be near, even if they are the scourge of small town prosperity.

On Monday night, August 26, we overnighted in Winnemucca, NV. The next morning we did our final provisioning there, drove to Sparks to meet up with Jackie and Ben (my biomom and her husband) and friends of theirs, all in town for a gambling trip, for a nice lunch, then headed out to the Playa. On arrival, we drove to the agreed address of 225 degrees & Fantail and joined up with three other Airstreams at what became Camp Burnstream.

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